You may not always notice them, but they are there for you. They allow people to live longer and better lives. They improve the quality and sustainability of healthcare systems. I am talking about the medical technologies – and the people behind them. Meet two of them: Product Development Engineer Andreas and Regulatory Affairs Professional Azfar at Elos Medtech.

The medtech industry employs millions of people

Today, millions of people around the world work in the medtech industry. The US medtech industry alone employs two million people, while the European medtech industry includes more than 700 000 jobs. So, why do people pursue a career in the medtech industry?

Medtech Careers spoke to a bunch of people who have chosen to work in the medtech industry. Andreas B Ingemann is a Product Development Engineer, and Azfar Rehman is a Regulatory Affairs Professional. They both work at Elos Medtech and are very passionate about their jobs. This is how they describe what it is like to work in the medtech industry and what made them go down this path.

Improving the quality of life through technology

Andreas: In my job, I work with product development within dentistry and the work around dental implants and the products related to that. I grew up in a family of healthcare professionals, which is where I found my initial interest in the industry. Additionally, I have a personal interest in mechanics, so the medtech industry is the ideal choice for me. It motivates me to work with products and projects, which by the use of new technology, improve the quality of life for the user. 

Azfar: The reason I work with regulatory affairs in medtech is that I have an interest in technology, but I also have an interest in international relations and communication. Being in regulatory affairs is a perfect combination of these things for me.

Innovation and digitalization drive the medtech industry

Azfar: Innovation is an important part of my life because I believe it is an integral part of evolution, and we cannot evolve without being innovative. My impact on innovation in medtech is that I make sure to promote our product and make sure that we live up to the safety and performance requirements in each country.

“Innovation is an integral part of evolution, and we cannot evolve without being innovative.” – Azfar Rehman, Regulatory Affairs Professional, Elos Medtech.

Andreas: The industry has changed and has become a very digital industry, using advanced software, 3D printers, and 3D scanners. As a manufacturer of medical devices, we are working with the latest technology of CNC machinery, laser equipment, and robots.

Making a difference in peoples’ lives worldwide

Andreas: I have always been interested in technology, and it is important for me to work with products that make a difference in peoples’ lives. For that reason, the medtech industry was the obvious choice for me.

“It is important for me to work with products that make a difference in peoples’ lives.” – Andreas B Ingemann, Product Development Engineer, Elos Medtech.

Azfar: The reason I pursued a career in the medtech industry is that I have a general interest in science and technology. This way, I make a difference in medtech by using my international personality along with my linguistic skills and interest in technology, to make our products available worldwide.

Are you also looking into a career in the medtech industry? At Elos Medtech, we are always looking for engaged and passionate people who seek innovation, growth, and opportunity. Explore our available jobs here.