Injection-molding of polymer components for the diagnostics market

A specialist in injection molding for decades, Elos Medtech now uses the technology to meet a variety of customer demands within the diagnostics market.

Minimal diagnostics components require maximum precision

Diagnostic products, such as laboratory tests and test kits, usually contain small components with high demands on tolerances. These require maximum precision and accuracy in dimensions and surface. We have the specialized competence and capacity to meet these stringent requirements and to work very closely with customers to provide total technical solutions.

Advanced precision molding tools and automated injection molding

Our offering includes management and design of advanced precision molding tools, automated injection molding of small thermoplastic parts with narrow tolerances, and clean-room packaging. As a long-term solution partner in the diagnostic sphere, we strive for perfection. Quality, expertise, flexibility, and customization guide everything we do so that when you collaborate with us, you gain a true partner, capable of adding substantial value to your business.


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