Bringing new innovations to market

Elos Medtech regularly collaborates with companies outside of the orthopedics, dental, and diagnostics markets, who are inventing breakthrough technologies and creating new options in hearing, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurosurgical, and cancer treatment.

We develop and manufacture any medical technology that falls within our capabilities

We’re proud to bring our creative, well-documented, and technically comprehensive solutions to these markets. Our breadth of expertise enables us to provide valuable insight, while our focus on precision equips us to work with the extreme tolerances of new technologies. We understand how rapidly the healthcare environment changes, making flexibility and versatility ever more important for the successful introduction of innovative products. The Elos Medtech way of working is not market- or product-specific; our commitment to complete performance, driven by meticulous, proven processes, is a foundation that can support the development and production of any medical technology that falls within our manufacturing capabilities. And, having worked extensively in so many markets, our team can rapidly become experts in new ones.

We take your products into new medical markets

Elos Medtech is a global company with strategic locations on three continents – and with our assistance, our customers sell into nearly every geographic medical market in the world. As you target new markets, we’re ready to follow you anywhere, extending your supply chain efficiently, helping you meet diverse regulatory requirements, and packaging your products for sale wherever you do business.


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