Elos MedTech Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

We have surface experts and master various kinds of surface treatments such as galvanic treatments and hard coatings. Examples are zirconium blasting, acid etching, and electropolishing of titanium and TiN coating.

During the years we have also invested and built up knowledge and capabilities in surface and material analysis. With our expertise and equipment we can find and minimise possible risks in the manufacturing process and provide. This enables us to improve and refine processes, contribute to advance our state-of-the-art production facilities, and ensure a high product quality and quality excellence.

Surface Technology

Elos Medtech MediCarb™ and MediGold™

The Elos Medtech MediCarb and MediGold is low friction coatings. The morphology and the structure is developed and tailored at the atomic-scale to ensure superior performance in medical applications. The extensive testing has verified the unique performance of Elos Medtech MediCarb and MediGold coating showing that the friction properties become even better upon use. The coating can be deposited on nearly all types of substrates, including pure grade and alloyed titanium, steel, ceramics and high temperature stable composites and polymers.

HA NANO™ Surface

The HA NANO Surface is a crystalline, nanometer thin and uniform layer of hydroxyapatite (HA). The unique and effective coating procedure is based on a wet chemical process creating a smooth and homogenous coverage of HA, even on highly complex implant geometries. The The HA NANO Surface preserves the micro structures of the implant resulting in a perfect combination of implant roughness and synthetic bone. All commercial implants, regardless of material and structure, can be coated with the HA NANO Surface, i.e. PEEK, titanium, ceramics and steel.