Design and development of medical devices

The continued success of a medical device company often depends on new product development and accelerated speed to market. The ability to support both of these goals, while maintaining an exceptional focus on patient safety, is an advantage that Elos Medtech is uniquely prepared to deliver.

Guaranteed product performance and optimal cost-effectiveness

We always work in close cooperation with our customers, especially during the design and development phase. This collaboration forms the basis for guaranteed product performance and the ability to adapt design and production to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness. We specify requirements and areas of usage as early as possible – even in the conceptual and design phases – and every aspect of the development, from design to distribution, adheres to strict quality standards. All our activities have a common goal: to avoid any defects and variations while ensuring documented traceability.

Regulatory services for product registrations and market approval of medical devices

Our services within design and development also include regulatory services for product registrations and market approval. Additionally, we support our customers with development and technical documentation for private labeled products, which enable our customers to enhance their competitiveness.

60 years of experience as a solution partner for medical devices

With more than 60 years of experience as a solution partner for medical devices, we have extensive insights into how to design, develop and manufacture medical devices according to applicable regulatory requirements in an efficient manner. This is why we have dedicated Centers of Excellence within Orthopedics, Dental, and Diagnostics. Our concentrated experience and high competence in design and development, fuelled by our collaborative approach, will simplify your new product development and reduce time to market.

Mobilizing our production sites in response to the acute global shortage of life-sustaining ventilators

Looking for an end-to-end CDMO?

We have developed a set of value-adding services with a successful track record of helping medical device companies worldwide improve their operations. Let us become your trusted partner.