Overall objectives

  • Create market-leading positions in selected segments
  • Continuously increase the proportion of our own products and services.
  • Achieve stable annual growth in excess of 10 percent for the Group.
  • Achieve profitability that provides a return on operating capital of more than 15 percent for the Group and an operating margin in excess of 13 percent.

Financial targets

  • The return on equity should exceed the risk-free long-term interest rate by 5 to 10 percentage points, depending on the share of risk-bearing capital. The return should exceed 15 percent in the current situation.
  • The return on capital employed should be at least 15 percent.
  • The share of risk-bearing capital should be at least 30 percent.
  • Liquidity, including granted but unutilized bank overdraft facilities, should be between 6 and 12 percent of the Group’s annual sales.