Everything we do is built on a foundation of quality

We work exclusively with development and production of medical devices. As these products and components have a significant impact on human lives, patient safety is our top priority. Everything we do is built on a foundation of quality. Our systems are mature, and we make up-front investments in quality assurance and validation to ensure that each product we manufacture meets the same high standards.

We are known in the medtech industry for our focus on quality

Our reputation for quality is the result of an approach that builds it into every step of the process. All our activities have one common goal, to avoid any defects and variations, and to ensure a documented traceability, this is what we call Quality Excellence.

High quality requires knowledge and insight into the medical device market

Our strength lies within our extensive knowledge of the entire requirement set. We understand the market, the products, the medical device laws and regulations, and the customer requirements as well as the requirements of the products. Our operators are well trained and accustomed to working with high-quality standards. There are constantly ongoing dialogues about how we can optimize our way of working, we emphasize employee involvement and teamwork in measuring and systematizing processes with the purpose to reduce variations, defects, and cycle times.

An unbroken chain of compliance

Elos Medtech Complete Performance™ offering entails an unbroken chain from design to manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and logistics. All development and production comply with regulatory requirements and rules throughout the entire chain. Our quality and environmental management system is well documented and we are certified against the standards required in the area.

We never compromise on quality

The business of Elos Medtech is subject to extensive regulations. Elos Medtech's employees are aware of the concept of compliance and are expected to fulfill the requirements accordingly. As a trustworthy partner in the medical device business, Elos Medtech is fully committed to:

  • focusing on patient safety in decisions and work processes
  • ensuring high product quality through dedication to critical details
  • knowing and following all relevant laws, rules, regulations, and procedures




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