From Innovative Vision to Manufacturing Precision

Since 1923, we are your partner in transforming medical technology and advancing quality of life worldwide

We develop and manufacture medical devices

Developing and manufacturing medical devices that impact human health comes with great responsibility. Patients put their trust in the tools used to treat their bodies. And the creators of those tools put their trust in their suppliers.

What sets us apart from other medical device manufacturers

Earning and keeping that trust means focusing on what we do better than anyone else – setting the bar higher every day, deepening our expertise continually, and investing in the future proactively.

State of the art equipment, capabilities, and processes set Elos Medtech apart, but the more important difference is our people. At every level, we are experts in our field, who thrive on new challenges, who will always look for ways to add value, and who collaborate seamlessly with each other and with our customers.

What are your current pain points and challenges?

We think and work differently than other medical device manufacturers. The best way to understand how the Elos Medtech approach can more effectively support your innovative ideas and your business goals is to tell us about your current pain points and the challenges of your next project.

Centers of Excellence

Our unwavering commitment to the orthopedic, dental, and diagnostic markets has made us a global development and manufacturing leader in these areas.

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Trusted Partner

From design insights to delivery logistics, Elos Medtech is an end-to-end solution provider by Complete Performance™, adapting our capabilities to complement your own.

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Exceptional Quality

Our reputation for quality is the result of an approach that builds it into every step of the process, leaving no room for surprises.

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