Developer and manufacturer of medical plates

Within our Center of Excellence in Orthopedics, we develop and manufacture medical plates for fracture surgery and small joint prostheses. We specialize in handling difficult geometries and applying advanced surface treatments.

Creative, well-documented, and technically comprehensive solutions

Our experience and capabilities enable us to provide creative, well-documented, and technically comprehensive solutions. We carefully integrate product design with process planning to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to make production more economical.

The right choice of manufacturing processes and technologies

When you collaborate with Elos Medtech on your medical plates, our engineering specialists will collaborate closely with you to determine the right choice of manufacturing processes and production technologies to achieve your objectives – for the product and for your business.

CTA Products_plates and pins and wires

Do you need a trusted CDMO for medical devices?

When your needs align with our expertise, you will find no higher performance lever to take your products to market quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully.