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Elos Medtech develops and manufactures a wide range of HPLC fittings to meet our customers’ system requirements. We are specialists in narrow tolerances as well as external and internal unthreading of coned fittings, large bore fittings, plugs, caps and fitting tools. These products have a vital function in the tubing throughout an HPLC system and we therefore strive for uncompromised quality and maximum precision and accuracy.

Based on our deep experience and expertise in injection molding, we have the advanced skills necessary to handle the exacting needs and complexity of geometry and size of the receiving port, and the threads of the fitting. By prioritizing investment in technically-advanced machinery and in-house software development, our operation meets the most stringent requirements of documentation management, traceability, quality, and process management.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure the right choice of processes and technologies, such as the design and production of advanced molding tools and insert molding. And we’ll demonstrate a level of precision that begins with your products, and extends to documentation and deliveries.