Controle and measurement of medical devices to optimize quality

One reason we are a trusted solutions provider is our intense commitment to control and measurement, which optimizes processes and quality while providing complete and accurate documentation. These same commitments are what make the Elos Medtech test laboratory a significant advantage to our customers.

Our own testing laboratory provides flexibility and cost-efficiency

Having our own testing laboratory connected to the Elos Medtech development department provides a great deal of flexibility and cost-efficiency. The tests, both static and dynamic, can be carried out at any step of the manufacturing process, from development and prototyping to assembly and packaging.

Reliable and valuable testing processes for medical devices

Individual test programs are drawn up for each analytical assignment and reused consistently to ensure an identical test method – and therefore consistently meaningful results, which we provide along with statistical analysis. The reliability and value of our product testing processes are the results of many factors:

  • Advanced testing facilities and equipment
  • Valid testing methods and quality control procedures
  • Qualified and well-trained operators
  • Traceability of measurements to national standards
  • Accurate recording and reporting procedures
Mobilizing our production sites in response to the acute global shortage of life-sustaining ventilators

Looking for an end-to-end CDMO?

We have developed a set of value-adding services with a successful track record of helping medical device companies worldwide improve their operations. Let us become your trusted partner.