Thanks to the proximity of our prototype manufacturing and serial production lines, Elos Medtech development engineers have extensive experience with many production techniques. This means that “Design for manufacturing” (DFM) is a great strength, and that our process can reduce time to market without compromising other factors.

We are committed to designing for optimal function and cost effectiveness, while meeting all required regulatory standards. Together with our customers, we review all possible risks at an early stage and continue to analyze, evaluate, control, and monitor the risks inherent in the medical devices throughout our work. We use every means possible to ensure product integrity, including advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations, 3D models, and manufacturing drawings. Packaging can also be designed during the development stage.

Consistently defect-free products are the bottom line of quality. Exceptionally clean facilities, steady investments in equipment and training, and mature quality assurance processes ensure that quality is built in at every step, so that there are no surprises down the line.

With more than 50 years of experience as a solution partner in medical devices, regulatory requirements, and production technology, we have extensive insights into product design and engineering. This is why we have dedicated commitment to Orthopedics, Dental Implants and Diagnostics. Our concentrated experience and high competence within development and design, fueled by our collaborative approach, will simplify your new product development and reduce your time to market.