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Within the Board, there is an Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee comprises Agneta Bengtsson Runmarker and Jon Risfelt.

Yvonne Mårtensson

Chairman of the Board
Born 1953, Master of Engineering of Industrial Economics at Linköping University of Technology.
Director since 2015. Director of SyntheticMR AB, Biotage AB and SwedenBIO.
Shareholding: 20 000 Series B shares.

Agneta Bengtsson Runmarker

Board director
Born 1960, Bachelor of Law.
Director since 2003. Legal Adviser at the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Chair of the Boad of AB Westergyllen and its subsidiaries, and Director of Investment AB Brunnslyckan its subsidiaries.
Shareholding: 14 600 Series B shares incl. family.

Anders Birgersson

Board director
Born 1958, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.
Director since 2016.
CEO of VBG Group AB.
Director of the board of VBG Group AB, Christian Berner Tech Trade AB and Sparbanken Lidköping AB.
Shareholding: 709 Series B shares.

Jeppe Magnusson

Board director
Born 1952, Master of Science.
Ph.D from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.
Director since 2012.
Partner in ISEA, Industry Senior Advisors.
Director of the board of Episurf Medical AB, Premune AB, Swecure AB and Auremune AB.
Shareholding: 2 860 Series B shares.

Jon Risfelt

Board director
Born 1961, Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology.
Director since 2017. Chairman of the Board of Bisnode AB, Bisnode Business Information Group AB, Caboline Group Holding AB and Smartfish AS. Board member of Bilia AB, Boule Diagnostics AB, Excanto AB and KnowIT AB.
Shareholding: 1 350 Series B shares.

Mats Nilsson

Board director
Born 1969, biologist, PhD. Director since 2010.
Professor of molecular diagnostics at Stockholm University and Site Director for Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm.
Director of Q-linea AB.
Shareholding: 40 500 Series B shares.