Elos MedTech Manufacturing

High-quality manufacturing of medical devices

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology combined with our experience and knowledge results in high-quality manufacturing that fulfills the requirements posed on us as a trusted partner to the medical device industry. With a modern machine park of an extremely high standard, there is equipment for both short series as well as comprehensive serial production.

Various production technologies for medical devices

Elos Medtech offers various services and production technologies well adapted to the demands that medical device products are placing on precision with difficult and complex geometries, advanced surface treatments, and exacting hygiene requirements. You’ll find an experienced team that works diligently to stay current with industry trends in materials, manufacturing and finishing.

Quality, delivery precision and risk management

Quality, delivery precision and risk management are important for us as a trusted solution partner. We always strive for the highest quality with great flexibility using validated production processes that ensure high product quality. We are always working closely with our customers and especially the engineering specialists to ensure the right choice of manufacturing processes and production technologies for increased efficacy and efficiency. As different projects have different design and manufacture requirements, we allow ourselves to be flexible throughout the process. Our operators are well trained and accustomed to working with high-quality standards. There are constantly ongoing dialogues about how we can optimize our processes to optimize the value of each part we produce.

CTA Manufacturing

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State-of-the-art manufacturing technology, deep expertise, and high quality standards. This is what makes us a trusted partner to the medical device industry.