Do you need a cleanroom environment for your production?

Do you have medical devices intended for critical procedures that cannot be affected by contamination or air particles? Then they need to be produced and handled in a strictly controlled cleanroom environment.


Proud to be involved: mobilizing our production sites in response to the acute global shortage of life-sustaining ventilators

Cleanroom production of medical devices

We offer automated production of medical devices in ISO Class 8 cleanrooms and assembly and sterile packaging in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. Our processes for assembling, packaging, and validation provide reliable and efficient production of your medical devices. We have monitoring air quality to identify and eliminate sources of contamination. Through daily controls, we ensure high quality and product performance as well as traceability.

Specialized expertise and manufacturing capacity

In our Swedish production site in Skara, we specialize in injection molding in high-performance thermoplastics. We offer a large cleanroom environment of 5 700 square meters, of which 1300 square meters are dedicated specifically to ISO Class 8 production for injection molding, sterile packaging, and labeling. Our dedicated professionals have specialized expertise in cleanroom production and are trained to operate the environment safely and efficiently.


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