Elos MedTech Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

With four decades in injection molding, we have gained a high level of in-depth understanding and specialist knowledge, which we now use to meet the varying requirements and demands of our customers. Quality, flexibility and customisation are important key words in our operation, which ensure that our customers benefit from substantial added-value.

We specialize in automated injection molding of high-performance thermoplastic components that are small; 0.01 grams and more, and that are requiring very narrow tolerances. The injection-molded parts are made from PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, PEEK, PES, PPS and PPSU as well as from polyolefins, PS, ABS etc for customers who has high requirements of tolerances.

Our offering also includes insert moulding, combining high-performance polymer with metal, i.e aluminium, into a single product.

Plastic Tooling Management

Components of medical devices to be injection molded must be very carefully designed to facilitate the molding process. The material used for the medical device, the desired shape and features of the medical device, the material of the mold, and the properties of the molding machine must all be taken into account.

Our specialist knowledge takes responsibility of the stringent requirements within medical devices. By providing our customers with high in-depth understanding and valuable guidance, we are trusted and early involved in the design and technical development of a customer’s product such as design of moulding tools, choice of material, design of components