We believe strongly in a digital dentistry future – and we take complete responsibility for the digital dentistry workflow. That means we can either support you in developing new digital dentistry products, branded with your name, or help you utilize the Elos Accurate® product portfolio to complement your core products and enhance the solutions you offer your dental customers.

Either way, our goal is to reduce complexity and simplify the workflow for dental professionals – because doing that increases the efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures.

We work with many of the world’s leading dental companies and are always attuned to the rapidly changing trends of the digital dentistry market. Founded on our passion for innovation, Elos Accurate® is our comprehensive, forward-looking digital dentistry solution. We are continuously introducing new own products, which are supported by the up-to-date Elos Accurate Libraries. This allows you to keep up with the dental digitalization, thus enhancing your competitiveness and simplifying your own core product portfolio.

All Elos Accurate® components can be used with the major dental implant systems, so whether you need an immediate enhancement to your system or a deeply experienced collaboration to design new products, we are here to help.

You may also be interested in our resources for dental professionals. Go to elosdental.com to find the latest information on our dental solutions.

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