In the dynamic world of medical device manufacturing, the journey of a seasoned professional like Chris Weeden, Manufacturing Engineer at our Elos Medtech Memphis site stands as a true example of steady growth, commitment, and the nuanced beauty of engineering precision. His 21 years with us, from its early days to the present, chart a path of personal and organizational evolution.

Evolving Roles, Consistent Focus

Since joining in 2003, Chris’s career path has demonstrated remarkable versatility. Initially part of the quality assurance team, he quickly embraced the hands-on challenges of machine operation. His dedication and knack for precision led him through a series of roles – from machine operator to team leader, and eventually to a supervisory position overseeing the CNC Swiss shop. Today, Chris contributes his vast experience as a multi-competence manufacturing engineer, supporting the Swiss CNC shop.

Finding Joy in Challenges  

Chris’s enjoyment of his role is rooted in the diversity of challenges it presents. His preference for being on the shop floor, directly solving problems and engaging with his team, highlights a hands-on approach that is both “rewarding and therapeutic”, in his words. It’s this engagement with the tangible aspects of his job that brings him satisfaction, showcasing the fulfilling nature of addressing complex problems head-on.

Chris Weeden Elos Medtech Memphis

A Culture of Quality and Precision 

The culture at Elos Medtech, as described by Chris, is one that prioritizes quality and the commitment to doing things right. Despite significant growth, the company has maintained its core values, a testament to its dedication to excellence. Chris emphasises the importance of a like-minded team that shares this vision, creating a cohesive environment that strives for the highest standards. 

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

For those considering a future at Elos Medtech, Chris offers insights grounded in his extensive experience:

“The field of medical device manufacturing is a rewarding domain where commitment and the willingness to tackle challenges head-on are highly valued”.

His advice is practical, encouraging future employees to embrace the opportunities for growth and to contribute to a culture that celebrates dedication and precision.

Thanks, Chris, for being part of the Elos Medtech family!