Our focus on adding value for our customers wouldn’t be complete without the delivery precision and inventory management necessary for them to maintain a profitable balance between supply and demand.

Elos Medtech is organized to deliver the exact number of products required at the precise moment they are needed. We do this by providing various flexible solutions for easing and simplifying customer warehousing, including streamlined stock-keeping with a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system or a Just in Time (JIT) program.

We can customize a VMI or JIT program to meet your particular inventory and logistics needs. Once your solution is in place, we’ll provide you with accurate and timely information on actual consumption, which will help you optimize production planning, maintain even capacity utilization, and last but not least, increase the satisfaction of your customers.

With our VMI system, you’ll also be able to reduce your inventory by increasing turnover and reducing safety stock – minimizing inventory costs and administration, inventory maintenance, and unnecessary goods handling.