Assembly and Packaging

We offer assembly, custom packaging, labelling, clean room production, sterilization management and other solutions for a complete, customized solution for your company’s needs. By using automation to assemble, pack and validate our products we can offer our customers a more reliable and efficient production process. By monitoring and controls of the system, we ensure traceability and secure high quality and performance of our products.

We provide anything from simple packaging of non-sterile products to packaging of sterile products. In our clean rooms of ISO class 7, we perform testing, product assembly, sterile packaging and labelling.  We also provide gamma and beta sterilisation of products after packaging and handle product packaging for direct delivery to clinics and hospitals.

Outsourcing packaging and sterile packaging enables you to focus on your core business and increase time to market. And at the same it allows you to redcuce costs and shorten your supply chain. Our sterile packaging service is very helpful to companies that have final products that are ready to be used in a clinical situation, and want to maximize efficiency for their logistics – or simply cannot bring packaging and sterilisation activities in-house.