When developing a new product, time to market is often one of the keys to a successful launch – and prototyping is fundamental to an efficient product development process. At Elos Medtech, prototyping services are part of our commitment to being a solution provider who takes full product responsibility – from development & design to manufacturing and deliveries.

By creating early product samples that are developed from a “design for manufacturing” perspective, we accelerate and streamline the development process, significantly reducing time-to-market. Careful prototyping and development of the finished product also ensures readiness for and the means to validate mass serial production at required quality levels.

Elos Medtech prototyping services are provided by our dedicated Centers of Excellence. The design engineers in our prototype workshop will collaborate closely with you to test and evaluate your product concept and to work on further improvements with our development teams.

Over the years, we have developed a range of medical devices within orthopaedics, dental implant systems, hearing devices, diagnostics, and beyond – and we bring all of this expertise to the design and development of your new products.