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Meet Yvonne Bedell: Leading with Passion at Elos Medtech, Memphis, TN

In the dynamic city of Memphis, Tennessee, Elos Medtech is fueled by individuals like Yvonne Bedell, whose remarkable dedication spans an incredible 23 years. As the Team Lead of the Deburring Department, Yvonne’s journey is an example of the vibrant spirit and commitment of the Elos Medtech team.

At the helm of the deburring department, Yvonne leads a diverse team ranging from 21 years old to her wise and experienced age of 76. Their mission goes beyond ensuring flawless functionality – they strive to make each part not only function seamlessly but also look aesthetically pleasing. Yvonne’s role as captain extends far beyond the technical; it’s about fostering a collaborative environment that brings out the best in her team.

Years of Dedicated Service

Yvonne’s journey with Elos Medtech spans an impressive 23 years, illustrating her commitment and passion for the work she does. Her joy lies in injecting passion into her team and ensuring that top-quality parts take center stage right on time.

Why Elos Medtech?

Yvonne’s journey began with a simple job advertisement that caught her eye. Little did she know that this initial step would lead to 23 years – and counting – by Elos Medtech’s side. The initial attraction has evolved into a deep-seated commitment.

Changes Over Time

Having witnessed significant growth, Yvonne reminisces about the early days when Elos Medtech in Memphis comprised just 50 individuals. Today, with a team of over 200 workers, the familial atmosphere persists. While she may not know everyone by name, familiar faces and strong camaraderie remain integral to the company’s culture.

Elos Medtech’s Company Culture

To Yvonne, Elos Medtech transcends the typical definition of a workplace; it’s a family. A place where good ideas are not only heard but actively pursued, fostering open communication between the team and engineers to implement positive changes. Yvonne describes the company culture as one big family, stating, “If one is hurting, we are all hurting.”

Advice for Potential Joiners

Yvonne imparts straightforward advice to potential joiners: “Bring the right attitude, do a good job, and you’ll find Elos Medtech to be an exceptional place to work.” This wisdom encapsulates the essence of what makes Elos Medtech a nurturing and fulfilling environment for passionate individuals.

Cheers to Yvonne and the entire Elos crew for keeping this family strong!