Dear All,

These are challenging times in which many in our community are hurting. Our hearts are heavy and the right words seem incredibly difficult to find – but saying nothing and doing nothing is simply not an option. Over the past two weeks, the subject of racism and injustice has been perpetually on my mind and featured prominently in personal discussions with friends and family. This message has been written and rewritten more times than I can count and today, I wish to address this subject with my entire Elos Medtech family.

It is more important than ever to reflect on our human values and acknowledge that we are all part of ONE human race. It gives me comfort and makes me proud to work for a company whose core values intrinsically align so well with my personal values.

We are Passionate.
We celebrate our global diversity and our differences. We denounce racism of any kind and will fight for our belief that equity and justice should be universal.

We are Trustworthy.
We will stand up for what is right and protect others. We will not stand idly by.

We are Results Oriented.
We will look inward and reflect. We will listen and be open to uncomfortable but important conversations. We will actively seek to be part of the solution and never part of the problem.

What is our call to action? Reflecting deeply on our core values is a critical first step. Being vocal about and acting on our values is what will create change. We must speak with one another, support one another and try to understand those who may not share our same experiences or viewpoint.

Through all of this anguish, I am heartened to see that our collective community is working toward much needed healing and change. Our CEO, Jan Wahlström declared in our Code of Conduct, “We are what we do!” I am committed to that and I hope you are as well.

Thank you,

Jodie Gilmore
Business Director Orthopedics and Managing Director in Memphis