How does a small basement business grow into a global contract development and manufacturing partner to the medical device industry? We gave you a throwback in the first part of our series when Elos Medtech first saw the day of light. Taking off where we left, the story of Elos Medtech in the polymer business continues – with a new name and production of several hundred injection-molded products.

Comprehensive technical solutions designed in 3D CAD

In 1993, after three previous relocations, it was finally time for Microplast (the name of the company at the time) to move into Elos Medtech’s existing premises in Skara. The number of plastic products being injection molded increased along with new automated solutions.

In 1997, everything was designed in 3D CAD. At this time, Microplast delivered comprehensive technical solutions, including the design of molding tools, choice of material, design for manufacturing and production equipment, as well as adapting products to customers’ own production equipment.

Becoming Elos Medtech Group and expanding

In 2011, Microplast was acquired by Elos Medtech Group. Soon, a new warehouse was built, and investments were made in injection-molding technology in cleanroom cells and injection-molding tools deployed by industrial robots.

At the beginning of 2015, Elos Medtech decided to expand the production site in Skara. The expansion was completed in 2016. With an additional 1.500 square meters, Elos Medtech doubled its capacity. The extended and highly automated production site included clean rooms for assembly, packaging, and production according to ISO 13485.

In 2016, Elos Medtech had about 20 injection-molding machines in operation, specialized in medical devices and produced several hundred different injection-molded plastic products.

A strong medtech partner in the injection-molding business

30 years after designing of tools and developing the first prototype of a plastic socket for blood tests, Elos Medtech was still a strong medtech partner in the injection-molding business. With the continuously stable demand for advanced precision molding tools and polymer injection molding, the future of Elos Medtech in Skara looked nothing else but promising.

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