Which is the best forum for discussing all things orthopedics? OMTEC, of course, the world’s only conference exclusively serving the orthopedic industry. Once again, we are excited to be there as a participant and sponsor to meet and exchange knowledge with other orthopedic professionals, customers, and colleagues.

An important meeting place for the orthopedic community

OMTEC – the Orthopedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference – is an important meeting place for professionals from the orthopedic community. The event facilitates dialogue and partnerships among suppliers, service providers, and original equipment manufacturers.

To us, OMTEC is a great opportunity to meet our customers, colleagues, and other orthopedic professionals, explore emerging trends, and be part of an environment that educates, connects, and empowers companies in the orthopedic sector. It is a great event for initiating conversations and exchanging knowledge and ideas with likeminded individuals.

Some of the highlights of OMTEC 2019 involve sessions about orthopedic coatings, additive manufacturing, automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the new EU MDR. Elos Medtech will be one of 170 exhibiting companies from 13 countries.

We are a proud sponsor of the OMTEC 2019 Surgeon Pod

This year, Elos Medtech is also pleased to sponsor the OMTEC 2019 Surgeon Pod where six surgeons will deliver 15-minute presentations on new advances in orthopedic technology. These interactive Q&A conversations will help generate development ideas and provide insights in today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the orthopedic industry.

Our main message: If it’s not 100 % yes, it’s a no

Our state-of-the-art capabilities and deep product knowledge have gained the trust of medical companies around the world. So has our willingness to say no: Because we only say yes to what we do best.

Our main message for OMTEC 2019 is, therefore: “If it’s not 100 % yes, it’s a no”. When we say yes, it is because your needs intersect with our dedicated competencies, and we are confident that we can give you a competitive edge – from design and prototyping through manufactured quality on a large scale, distributed globally.

Book a meeting with an Elos Medtech expert for OMTEC 2019

This year, you can book a meeting with Elos Medtech experts to discuss the alignment of our competencies with your ongoing and upcoming needs. Our experts will be available for consultation throughout OMTEC, from June 11 to 13.

Yes, I want to book a consultation!

OMTEC 2019 takes place June 11-13th in Chicago, USA. We are very excited about this year’s event and hope to see you there!