If there is one thing we can say with certainty about the future, it is this: a lot will be different after this pandemic. Our company was affected by it at an early stage, which we recently wrote about on the Elos Medtech blog. While it is easy to get caught up in the moment, and the unpredictability of what we are all going through, it is essential that we look ahead. We are helping our partners and customers to weather this storm, and we will continue to be here for you when the storm is over. Here’s why.

Putting staff safety and customer service availability first

Our primary focus at this time is safety. That means protecting our staff, and doing what we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to following the developments and regulations in Sweden, Denmark, China and the United States, we have also imposed stricter hygiene and safety routines. This includes limiting the number of physical meetings, and the number of participants in those meetings.

We have also taken a number of steps to ensure that all our services and solutions continue to be available to our customers in the medtech industry; even in situations where authorities are restricting business. We have previously written about how we are handling the situation in China, for example.

Prioritizing the production of critical medical devices

As the pandemic escalated, we began prioritizing the production and delivery of critical medical devices, including parts for ventilators, multi use syringes, and trauma surgery instruments. Adaptation is ultimately a matter of attitude. At this time of swift changes in global healthcare demands, Elos Medtech has chosen to stay flexible; preparing for demands that may go up or down, or both.

For more than 25 years, Elos Medtech has been committed to serving the orthopedic industry, using the latest process technology and partnering with the world’s leading orthopedic companies. We take great pride in being a medical device manufacturer, and being a committed, reliable partner to our customers in these troubling times.

Looking ahead and making sure we’re here to stay – Critical Medical Devices

Our staff members are enabling us to get through the coronavirus pandemic

Knowing which actions to take requires us to continuously evaluate our needs. Our staff has been very understanding and loyal during this difficult time. We are very proud of the work they do, and grateful for the flexibility they have shown us. In Sweden, many of the employees at our production facility in Timmersdala are temporarily assigned to our facility in nearby Skara, where additional resources are needed. We know of other companies that are currently also in need of our specialist skills, and have offered them some of our staff for a period of time too.

Why we are in the medtech industry, and intend to remain here

When we say we are passionate about our business, we are not just referring to our company. The importance of high quality care and critical medical devices has probably never been more evident than it is right now. The ability to support healthcare providers around the world is key to who we are. It is what we did before the pandemic, what we continue to do throughout this challenging time, and it is what we will still be here to do; serving our markets and communities, on the other side of it – more committed than ever.

Our ambition to constantly improve our work and our processes has paid off, and we entered 2020 with our most successful year behind us. This was made possible thanks to careful management, practical routines and procedures, and the hard work of our employees around the globe. It has helped build a stronger foundation from which we can weather the current storm.

Maintaining focus to advance quality of life today and tomorrow

As the pandemic sweeps across the world, it is clear that there are advantages to having a business that operates in segments, on several continents. By being thoughtful in our business decisions, financially prudent, and focused on long term sustainability, we are able to navigate this crisis.

Elos Medtech’s foundation is built upon technical expertise, a strong quality mindset, and our focus on our customers. Even in these turbulent and unprecedented times, our company vision remains as important as ever:

Transforming medical technology and advancing quality of life worldwide

To continue to thrive as a business over the next few years, and beyond, we must understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future. If you have any questions about how we are helping our partners and customers during this critical time, or what we are doing to ensure staff safety and maintain the highest levels of service, production and delivery reliability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit elosmedtech.com to get the latest news and updates.