At the heart of our business, there is a desire to ensure customer satisfaction and product performance while investing in sustainable solutions. The same mission guides us and our partners: To help people live rich, active, and meaningful lives. Here are some examples of how we care for our business.

Customer partnerships mean everything

We have the knowledge and expertise required to develop and manufacture the best solutions and products in partnerships with our customers. Close and long-term relationships are central to our business model and are both a strategic focus area and a goal. Development and technical expertise in our specialist areas, combined with high product quality and customer support, is crucial to our customers’ view of their partnership with us.

What makes Elos Medtech a valued CDMO?

We collaborate fully with our customers to meet their challenges in an effective manner. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted annually and assist us in ensuring that we remain a valued strategic partner. Customer satisfaction is analyzed, and key account managers are responsible for initiating improvements that lead to more satisfied customers and an improved customer experience.

So, what do you – our customers – think of us?

The results of the 2020 survey show that you have a very positive image of our delivery and your collaboration with us. You describe us as a valued partner that works actively to improve the customer experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Another much-appreciated quality is our responsiveness and ability to react quickly to changes and find solutions, as this allows you to optimize your supply chains.

A further key aspect of a successful partnership is the value we contribute in designing for series production and high quality in the processes. Our experience and expert skills in design and development, driven by our collaborative approach, shorten product development times and time-to-market launches.

Sustainable investments in medical device production

Our goal is to allocate more than five percent of our investments to projects and initiatives that reduce our environmental impact. Through a clear goal, we want to create awareness of our environmental impact in connection with decisions. This type of investment must have a clear purpose, such as to reduce energy, water use, or CO2 emissions.

In 2020, we mainly continued to invest in new machinery for our US production site in Memphis and our Swedish production site in Skara, for example by installing heat exchangers. We have continuously replaced old equipment with new, more sustainable technology for lighting and air compression, for example.

Mobilized production in response to the pandemic

As the pandemic spread rapidly around the world, so did the need for advanced ventilators to treat Covid patients in intensive care units. Getinge, with whom we worked closely for more than 20 years, saw a sharp increase in demand from hospitals looking to increase the number of ventilators several-fold.

We are part of their supply chain of vital components, and when we were asked to increase production, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We managed to increase production at our highly automated production site in Skara, Sweden. But due to the significant need, we also took the help of our production sites in Gørløse, Denmark, and Timmersdala, Sweden, to ensure we were able to help Getinge fulfill their important task.

These are only a few examples of how we care for our business and ensure customer satisfaction. Are you looking for a responsible CDMO with the capabilities of delivering high-quality medical devices in a sustainable way? Contact us today.

Read our full Sustainability Report 2020 here.