Elos Medtech’s slogan is “Our world continues to change – our passion remains the same”. Making a concrete difference in people’s lives is a core value of that passion. Our ambition is to advance patients’ quality of life, and to help companies within a variety of industries to do the same. How do we do that? And what does it look like when a previously deaf child is suddenly able to hear her mother’s voice for the first time, thanks to a state-of-the-art hearing device?

Transforming medical technology through innovation and collaboration

It is nothing short of fantastic to know that the products we manufacture are used to treat millions of patients all over the world. Our specialization and contract manufacturing enable us to contribute to this, and create products for a multitude of health-improving purposes.

However, transforming medical technology requires collaboration. At Elos Medtech, we collaborate with companies at the forefront of medical technology and innovation. These are companies dedicated to creating new and better options for patients undergoing hearing, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurosurgical, and cancer treatment, to name but a few.

Our combined expertise brings about new solutions aimed at advancing quality of life. Elos Medtech’s focus on precision enables us to work with the extreme tolerances of new technologies. We are happy to provide valuable insight, and proud to bring our creative and technologically comprehensive solutions to the markets; not only those of orthopedics, dental, and diagnostics.

Supporting the medtech industry through a flexible way of working 

Healthcare and healthcare demands change continually, and sometimes rapidly. Manufacturing and introducing successful, innovative healthcare products requires flexibility and versatility. Not least during a crisis or emergency situation that may require the medtech industry to speed up or prioritize production of critical medical devices and supplies.

Elos Medtech’s way of working is not market- or product-specific, but rather based upon our commitment to complete performance, and meticulous, proven processes. This means that we support the development and production of any medical technology that falls within our service and manufacturing capabilities. Our operators are well-trained, and accustomed to working with high quality standards.

We work closely with our customers as well as engineering specialists to ensure optimal manufacturing processes and production technologies. As different projects have different design and manufacturing requirements, we choose to be flexible throughout the process.

We have previously written about our production and delivery of critical medical devices during the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the mobilization of our production sites in response to the shortage of life-sustaining ventilators.

Small details can make a big difference in advancing a patient’s quality of life

We are very passionate about our role in the medtech industry, and our ability to contribute to making the lives of people better. A tiny device, or even just a component, can have life-changing effects.

Some examples of this are the components we manufacture for bone-anchored hearing devices that are surgically implanted in patients; this in order to transmit sound by direct conduction through bone to the inner ear. The implant stimulates the nerve fibers of the inner ear, enabling the patient to hear sounds. Here is a touching example of what that can look and feel like – for patients and their families.

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