As a product designer, you probably recognize the challenges of designing a product that is innovative, high quality, and reliable – yet also cost-efficient. Most likely, rapid and precise prototyping is required to test materials, dimensions, shape, fit, and function. It is fair to say orthopedic product design is a complex task. As a result, OEMs increasingly seek help and advice from their CDMOs. But what are the benefits of a strategic partnership?

A strategic partnership with a CDMO in orthopedics

While a CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) is a tactical provider with the manufacturing capacity needed to complete a project, a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) is a strategic partner with expertise in the design and development areas. Partnering with a CDMO can be a valuable resource offering numerous benefits for your product design team.

A subject matter expert in orthopedic products

Orthopedic products differ vastly from most medical technologies. The function is usually complex, strength and reliability are critical, and the user is demanding. The task of developing these products is unique and requires specialization.

A strategic partnership with a specialized CDMO means you can benefit from a specialized subject matter expert to design orthopedic products that stand out from the competition.

Elos Medtech serves the orthopedic market with a focus on trauma, spine, and reconstruction. We specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing products that enable surgeons to cut, pierce, and fixate bones. Regardless of application or material, this is the segment of the market we pride ourselves on and in which we offer a clear advantage.

Orthopedic design expertise and capabilities

Manufacturing orthopedic products require unique technology and processes. These products are also made of difficult-to-work-with materials such as cobalt chrome, stainless steel, nitinol, PEEK, and titanium. This means the design team must understand the materials and processes to design manufacturable, functional, and safe products.

We have a team of experts with comprehensive knowledge about the materials as well as the manufacturing processes needed to produce high-performance parts. Our experts can recommend ways to not only make your product better, faster, and stronger but also reduce the time it takes to manufacture those parts – which also reduces cost.

Ensuring your product design is effective enough

As every patient’s anatomy is unique, every orthopedic implant needs to accommodate a huge range of anatomies. As a result, product lines require multiple sizes, geometries, and shape options. Orthopedic screws, for example, must lock into position and not move for the rest of the patient’s life. The design needs to be reliable and strong but also flexible to accommodate the patient. Creating a product design that is effective enough requires creativity, resourcefulness, and knowledge of surgical procedures.

As a product designer, you can use us as a soundboard for designing and developing new orthopedic products within our areas of specialty, such as drills, pins, wires, and screws.   Working together early in the process will allow us to integrate your design team with ours, resulting in a product with not only the highest surgical effectiveness but also effective in its cost to manufacture and deliver to market.

Perhaps, you have already started designing your product or are at the end of the design phase, but it didn’t turn out to be as efficient as it could be. In that case, we can look over your design and recommend ways to make it more effective.

The orthopedic product design phase step-by-step

1. Let us look at your design needs together

You may already have some designs in mind. Together with our engineers and product experts, we will look over your designs and what your product is supposed to do. We will ask questions such as: What problem are you trying to solve?  What is the ideal performance you expect to achieve from this product?  Are there issues your surgeons currently experience that you are trying to avoid or improve?

2. We make your orthopedic product more effective

Our orthopedic team of experts will develop ideas to make your product more effective at doing what it is supposed to do. We will recommend which type of material and manufacturing methods to use to optimize the product and reduce manufacturing time and cost.

3. Prototyping, testing, and manufacturing

After that, we will make a product prototype for you to review and test in a lab to ensure it performs the way you want. Next, we will go on to an additional production run, and you can start your clinical trials.

Are you ready to take your design to the next level?

Our orthopedics department is built to bring collaborative synergy and efficiency to all stages of the product journey. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of creating the most effective design for your orthopedic product.

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