As the demand for reliable digital dentistry solutions continues to grow, more implant companies and dental professionals are turning to us. To meet the growing demand, we are now expanding our Danish production site. With more production space, a new measurement department, and automated machinery and equipment, we significantly increase our capacity to support our customers in the global dental market.

A production site with a rich history

Our production site in Denmark has a rich history, dating back to 1969 when it was first built. Over the years, we have continuously expanded the site with new production spaces and facilities to accommodate our growing business. In the late 90s, we undertook our first expansion project, and since then, we have continued to upgrade and enhance our facilities. The most recent expansion was completed in the early 2000s, further improving our ability to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

In 2010, we made a strategic decision to move a significant portion of our production to Tianjin, China. The relocation involved transferring a large part of our production and specific production processes. The key reason for the establishment was to expand our global presence and bring production closer to one of our major customers, already located in Tianjin.

Significant growth in the dental business segment

As a global medtech company, Elos Medtech has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a particular focus on our dental segment and our Elos Accurate® product portfolio. These products are our own innovative products in the areas of dental instruments and digital dentistry that complement the core products we produce for our customers. The increased customer demand has led to almost 50% of our sales now coming from our own products at the Elos Medtech Gorlose production site.

New space for automated measuring of dental products

To meet the increasing customer demand and capacity requirements, we are now expanding our production site and have invested in new, better, and faster machines. We have constructed a new building to house our metrology center, which is now separate from our production area. The center serves as our measuring department and is equipped with advanced automated machines and tools that are crucial to our production process. It also includes a new office area.

By relocating our measuring department to this new facility, we have freed up valuable space in our production area, which allows us to introduce new and more efficient production machines. Despite being separate from the production area, the metrology center is strategically positioned at the heart of our operations, providing easy access to the various production areas.

Keeping our measurement department separate from the production area also prevents any contamination or vibration from the production processes. This leads to an even more stable and accurate measuring process, further improving the quality.

We have also invested in a new ventilation system, which gives us precise control over the temperature in various areas of our production site. With better temperature control, we can ensure a more stable and consistent production process.

Introduction of new dental products to the global market

With this new expansion, we significantly increase our capacity to support our dental customers in the global market. Overall, our expansion has allowed us to create a more conducive environment for innovation and growth. With our focus on innovation, we are continually exploring new markets to better serve the needs of implant companies and dental professionals worldwide. From start to finish, we offer everything necessary for a seamless digital workflow. We are excited to introduce new Elos Accurate products to the market in the coming year – with more launches planned for the future.

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