Due to a growing interest in technical expertise within advanced injection molding and metal machining, Elos Medtech is investing in their Life Science business area. Quality-oriented, with vast experience in project management and a strong interest in sales and business, Anders Björklund has taken on the role as Sales Manager – Life Science. We decided to ask him about his new role, challenges, and future plans.

Hi, Anders! Tell me about your role as Sales Manager for Elos Medtech’s Life Science business area?

Today, we have three business areas: Orthopedics, Dental, and Life Science. Orthopedics and Dentals are very specific and well-defined business areas in the medtech field. Life Science at Elos, however, is more complex as it incorporates such a wide scope within medtech. Rather than focusing on s specific product segment, the business unit Life Science has a strong focus on specialization in production techniques within medical devices.

As Sales Manager for Life Science, I work with the sales teams at each production site to develop our sales effort. My focus is mainly our Swedish production sites in Skara and Timmersdala but also our Chinese production site in Tianjin.

What is the greatest challenge ahead?

The greatest challenge ahead is defining our focus areas and offering and making it as attractive as possible for our customers. In Life Science, we are specialized in advanced injection molding of high-tech polymers, metal machining and combining polymers and metals. We are very competitive when it comes to manufacturing small components made from difficult-to-work-with polymers with tight tolerances as well as swiss turning, combined milling and turning, and multi-part assembly.

These are things we do really well. Therefore, our Life Science business area is not really market- or product-specific. It doesn’t matter whether the component is going to go into a hearing device, insulin pen, or pacemaker. As long as it falls within our specialization areas, technical expertise, and capabilities, we can develop and manufacture any medtech component.

What is the most exciting part of working with Life Science?

To me, the most exciting part of working with Life Science is the commercial part. I have a lot of previous experience working in commercial roles, and this is something I really enjoy. Also, now that the pandemic is starting to settle down, I look very much forward to going out and meeting people, becoming more active in the commercial part of our business, and continuing to do business with our customers. The combination of quality, sustainability and sales that I have in my roles at Elos is quite unique and has proven very useful in many customer dialogues.

Glancing at the plan for the Life Science business area, where is Elos Medtech is in 5 or 10 years from now?

In Life Science, we see a growing interest in our technical expertise in advanced injection molding of polymers, metal machining, and combining polymers and metals. Our plan for the Life Science business area is to continue defining what we are capable of doing, how we should do it, and what our unique selling points are. The next step is to meet with both our existing and potential customers to share our insights and present our capabilities, rather than working towards achieving concrete sales goals.

In five or ten years from now, I hope and think we have re-defined and refined our specific focus areas, established our offering – and hopefully grown together with our customers.

When you don’t work with Life Science, you work with sustainability and quality in medical device manufacturing, right?

Yes, when I don’t work as Sales Manager for our Life Science business area, I work with Elos Medtech’s sustainability and ESG reporting as Director of Sustainability and as Quality Director. I manage and monitor the overall company strategies, guidelines, and key performance indicators. These roles allow me to have a global perspective and focus on the overall picture rather than details, while at the same time remaining close to production. Having such variety in my job is something I really enjoy.

It sounds like you have your hands full – thank you for making time for this nice chat, Anders!

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