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The Expert of Thermoplastic Components with Fine Tolerances

The instruments and products used in medical areas such as diagnostics and cardiac rhythm management usually contain small components with extreme tolerances. These require maximum precision and accuracy in dimensions and surface. In our factory in Skara, Sweden, we have the necessary expertise to produce advanced precision moulding tools and injection moulding plastic parts.

From injection moulding machinery to moulding tools and injection moulding

Since we first started in the 1970s, we have gained more than 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of moulding tools and in injection moulding. In the first few years, we concentrated on the manufacture of injection moulding machinery, but the operation gradually moved towards the production of moulding tools and then into injection moulding of plastic parts as well.

Over the years we have gained an in-depth understanding and specialist expertise in injection moulding, which we now use to meet the varying demands of our customers. Quality, expertise, flexibility and customisation are important keywords in our operation. These ensure that our customers benefit from substantial added-value during our cooperation.

Today we mainly work with products used in medicine and biotechnology such as diagnostics and cardiac rhythm management.

Specializing in small components requiring a very high level of precision

The advanced moulding tools and mouldings that we specialize in require a very high level of precision. The injection-moulded parts are primarily made from difficult-to-machine plastics for customers who demand very fine tolerances. These components can weigh as little as 0.01 grams!

Checks and measuring are crucial when designing and manufacturing small components. In order to avoid any defects or variations of the components, we use a CNC measuring machine with multi-sensor technology.

Technically-advanced machinery and in-house software development

By investing heavily in technically-advanced machinery and in-house software development, our operation meets the most stringent requirements on documentation management, traceability, quality and process management. This does, of course, apply equally in our tools manufacturing process and our injection moulding operation.

Would you like to know more about injection moulding of plastic parts? Maybe learn more of how our technically advanced machinery can serve your needs and demands? Contact us directly! And until next time, see you on our social networks!