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Celebrating Women in Science: Emeli Söderberg’s Journey at Elos Medtech 

In the heart of Timmersdala, a story of passion, growth and leadership features our Director of Operations Emeli Söderberg and her remarkable 20-year journey with Elos Medtech. 

From Engineer to Director of Operations: A Journey of Growth 

Emeli’s career at Elos Medtech began in 2003 when she joined the team as a quality engineer. With a solid foundation in engineering and a passion for making a difference, Emeli’s journey through the ranks from quality manager to production manager, and now as the site leader of the Timmersdala plant, is nothing short of remarkable. Her progression mirrors Elos Medtech’s values – continuous growth, learning, and adaptation. The Timmersdala site, being the first site of Elos Medtech, has seen significant expansions and innovations under her leadership, including the acquisitions of sites in Memphis, Gørløse, China, and Klingel.

A Leadership Style That Illuminates 

Emeli’s leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in collaboration, trust, and respect. She thrives on helping others shine, whether they are colleagues, family members, or friends. Her approach to leadership is inclusive, fostering a culture where diversity and difference are celebrated as strengths. Emeli’s result-oriented mindset, coupled with her ability to see opportunities before obstacles, propels her team towards achieving their goals, always with clarity and a shared sense of purpose. 

Passion for Science and Technology 

Despite early dreams of becoming a pilot or a doctor, Emeli found her calling in the tech industry, particularly in the field of medical devices. Her enthusiasm for learning, coupled with the rapid pace of technological advancement in the industry, fuels her daily. Emeli’s dedication to sustainable development and her hands-on involvement in production processes exemplify her commitment to not just leading but actively participating in the company’s success. 

Inspiration for Young Women in Tech

Emeli’s story is particularly inspiring for young women aspiring to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Her journey underscores the importance of role models and mentors in shaping careers. Through close cooperation with other members and engagement initiatives, Elos Medtech actively works towards breaking down gender barriers in the tech world, proving that the industry is not only welcoming but ripe with opportunities for those passionate about making a difference. 

Words of Wisdom: Embrace the Opportunities

Emeli’s advice to aspiring scientists and engineers is clear and compelling: seize the opportunities. The path may be challenging, but it is the challenges that foster growth and learning! 

A Peek Behind the Curtains  

Beyond her impactful role at Elos Medtech, Emeli Söderberg cherishes a life filled with outdoor adventures and quality family time in Skövde. A fervent enthusiast of sports, particularly those that allow her to bask in the great outdoors, Emeli finds running to be an essential part of her routine, offering both physical vigor and mental clarity. This passion for activity extends to spending cherished moments with her husband and two children, where the simplicity of family life provides a grounding balance to her dynamic career. 

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