The healthcare market in China is rapidly accelerating and the demand for diabetes products is increasing. Based on our close collaboration with Novo Nordisk, our production site in Tianjin is able to meet these increasing demands of the expanding market.

Duplicating a production site for healthcare products to meet market demands in China

We have built our manufacturing expertise in Denmark and Sweden for more than 60 years. When our factory in China was opened in 2011, the shortcut was to obtain knowledge and experience from the production site in Denmark. Employees at Elos Medtech in Görlöse, Denmark, travelled to the production site in Tianjin to train the Chinese employees on manufacturing techniques, such as CNC machining. The production site in Tianjin mainly focusing on mechanical components for Novo Nordisk’s nearby plant, where manufacturing is dominated by various types of reusable insulin pens. The site is practically a copy of our factories in Sweden and Denmark.

Today approximately 110 employees are working at the Tianjin site. Due to consistent process orientation, the factory delivers products with the same high quality as the products we produce in Denmark and Sweden. It offers an optimized supply chain allowing our customers to focus on their core business while at the same time reducing time-to-market.

An important strategic step as a global supplier of medical technology products

Novo Nordisk is a world leader in diabetes care and Tianjin is a city of twelve million inhabitants, and Beijing’s port city. We have been engaged in the development and production of mechanical components for Novo Nordisk’s different generations of insulin pens for multiple use since 1985. The production site in Tianjin was a natural development where we, in accordance with client needs, were able to establish our business close to emerging markets.

Our collaboration with Novo Nordisk is also an important strategic step in our ambition to continue to establish our presence in Asia, which is a constantly growing market. While the demand for healthcare products in Asia is increasing, several of the companies we supply are establishing in China. This provides a good basis for us to meet and support our customers on these markets in the future.

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