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Seamless Digital Solutions for Dental Professionals

As a pioneer in digital workflow components, we develop and produce high-quality, innovative solutions for dental professionals. Our Elos Accurate® portfolio covers the essential dental components for the three key processes: SCAN, DESIGN, and MANUFACTURING.​​

All our products comply with FDA and MDR requirements for medical devices, providing our customers with a reliable and secure foundation to develop and grow their dental businesses. Our goal is to support dental laboratories and practices in achieving a high level of precision and reliability, enabling predictable and repeatable restorative results for their patients through a seamless Digital SMART workflow.

Digital SMART Flow – From first scan to final smile

Elos Accurate® Scan Body

Your gateway to digital dentistry

Elos Accurate® CAD Libraries

Precision meets simplified efficiency

Elos Accurate®
Analog for Printed Models

Precision-fit in the printed model

Elos Accurate®
Hybrid Base (Ti-base)

The authentic and adaptable
solution for implant restorations

Elos Accurate® Pre-Milled
Blank Solutions

In-house. In control. In time

Driving Digital Dentistry for Over 30 Years

We are a trusted partner for the world’s largest dental implant companies, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. In 2010, in partnership with 3Shape, we developed the original PEEK scan body with a titanium interface, which has become the industry standard.

Driven by a continual focus on improvement and innovation, we have developed solutions, such as the patented Elos Accurate® Analog for Printed models, which address challenges posed by the inaccuracies of 3D printing. Additionally, we have designed our Elos Accurate Hybrid Bases (Ti-bases) from scratch, taking human biology and material characteristics into account. Recently, we launched our Pre-Milled Blank Solutions in the U.S. market, allowing labs to mill titanium abutments in-house and giving them full control over the design and workflow.