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Product development and manufacturing solutions for orthopedic device companies

Experts in restoring movement

We are orthopedic specialists to the very core, with expertise that covers all aspects of orthopedics and not just device manufacturing.

We bring a deep understanding of medical procedures and the requirements of healthcare professionals, enabling us to offer comprehensive support across the entire orthopedic spectrum.

Our integrated approach ensures that we can provide valuable insights and solutions, from product design and development to final production, delivering exceptional quality and innovation in every orthopedic-related endeavor.

Market Segments

Sports Medicine

Enabling Technology

Enabling Technology

We are orthopedic specialists to the core

We are equipped with the technology, facilities and the expertise to support you in developing and producing market-leading orthopedic devices.

With outstanding in-house knowledge of general medicine and medical device development, our aim is to establish a systemic partnership in order to push the boundaries of innovation in orthopedics.


Bring better products to market, faster

Our deep understanding of every aspect of orthopedic device development ensures that the entire process moves along as quickly as possible without compromising quality, safety or compliance.

We offer diverse regulatory support including consultations during development, quality management, and registration support. This offering is complemented by our pre-validated packaging solutions to expedite your time to market and extend the shelf life of your products.

Designing for surgeons and their patients

With our focus on ready-to-use solutions, we look beyond just designing products to be easy to manufacture, and consider the varied needs of the people and medical professionals who will use and benefit from your products.

From the beginning of our partnership, we thoroughly examine every specific need so we can be sure to consider everything during product development.

Orthopedic design

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Elos Medtech is the product development and manufacturing partner of choice for orthopedic companies. Our expertise spans product development, process optimization, packaging and regulatory.