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Inside Elos Medtech: A Conversation with Justin Church – CNC Swiss Lathe Team Lead in Memphis, TN, USA

For the past five years, Justin Church has been part of Elos Medtech team in Memphis, Tennessee. Starting from a technical role and rising to a team leader position, Justin’s journey is a story of hard work and determination.

From Technical Roots to Team Lead

Justin began his journey at Elos Medtech in a technical role, setting up and calibrating machinery for the production line. His hard work and technical expertise earned him a promotion into setup tech.

When the opportunity for a team leader position arose, his ability to train and lead hands-on made him a perfect fit. Initially anxious about leading his friends, Justin discovered through their encouragement that he had made the right choice. His leadership, founded on mutual respect and a willingness to perform any task he asked of his team, was warmly welcomed.

Thriving on Challenges

Justin excels at troubleshooting and problem-solving. His determination to see tasks through to completion, combined with a supportive supervisory team, fuels his passion for his role. He particularly enjoys the challenges of fixing complex machinery and finds great satisfaction in resolving tricky issues.

A High-Empathy Growth Culture

According to Justin, the culture at Elos Medtech is characterized by a collaborative environment, where employees can work together harmoniously. The overall spirit within the organization is positive and encouraging. As a member of the culture committee, Justin actively contributes to fostering and enhancing this supportive atmosphere, playing a significant role in developing the organizational environment.

Advice for Aspiring Team Members

To those considering a career at Elos Medtech, Justin offers straightforward advice: work hard, stay open-minded, and give your best effort. This echoes the wisdom imparted by his father, who taught him that success comes to those who earn it. “If you want to get somewhere, you have to work for it. It isn’t going to be given to you,” Justin concludes.

Thank you, Justin, for your dedication and for being a core member of the Elos Medtech family!