The display of good knowledge and experience in technically demanding plastics over the years has aroused curiosity among our customers. We can now see an increased demand for injection-moulded plastic components. To meet the demand we have developed a joint plan together with our customers, to increase cooperation in the years ahead – starting with an expanded production plant in Skara, Sweden.

Expanding our plant for production of injection-moulded plastic components

We will be expanding our production plant in Skara, Sweden by 1,500 square metres. Last year, we invested in Clean room for assembly, packaging and production in a Clean room environment. The production is automated and the operation is ISO 13485 certified.

In the technology development area, we work with everything from proposals for total technical solutions, including design of moulding tools, choice of material, design of components and production equipment, to the adaptation of a product to a customer’s production and equipment.

We frequently become involved at an early stage of a customer’s project, playing an important part as a technical resource. Starting from a detailed drawing or a model, we produce any drawings required, as well as other documentation for the design and production of moulding tools.

From design and technical development to assembly of injection-moulded plastic parts

Many of our contracts include assembly as well as finishing. In our factory in Skara, Sweden, we carry out simple as well as more complicated tasks. We have a wide-ranging expertise in both the mechanical and the programming side of automation and great experience of building customised assembly equipment, ensuring that our finishing process is well planned and effective.

In our clean room area we carry out any assembly or finishing work of products that require specially adapted facilities. We also act as systems supplier to some of our customers. Such contracts include everything from injection moulding of thermoplastic parts, purchasing of additional components, assembly, final testing and packaging in customer-specific wrappings. In the final stage, we deliver the product to our customer’s customers, irrespective of where in the world they may be based.

100% focus on medical technology customers

Our investments in the extended production plant in Skara, Sweden has resulted in several major projects, which will constitute a key aspect of our company’s growth in the next coming years. When the plant is completed at the end of 2015, capacity will be doubled compared with the current situation. This will create a great platform to meet our customers increased demand for injection-moulded plastic components, as well as delivering excellent quality and precision. By focusing 100% on medical technology customers and based on our Complete Performance™, we will have a unique offering that enables us to provide turnkey solutions for our customers in the medical technology segment.

Learn more about why we call ourselves the Expert of thermoplastic components with fine tolerances and read about our 4 techniques for measuring injection-moulded plastic parts. Do you have any questions about our extended plant? Please contact us! Soon there will pop up another article here on our Medical Technology Blog, until then – see you on the social networks!