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New Product catalog 2024

Now More Products to Choose From

More products have been added to the ELOS Accurate® product range to complement the below implant systems: 

  • Dentsply Sirona – MultiBase EV
  • HIOSSEN – ET system
  • NEODENT – Grand Morse, Grand Morse Micro Abutment, and Grand Morse Mini Abutment
  • Strauman -  BLX
  • ZimVie – Low Profile Abutment

We believe that expanding the product range will provide everyone with a greater selection to choose from.

The discerning reader or customer may observe that the product codes for the Nobel Biocare Multi-Unit Abutment NP/RP (MUA) remain consistent across the platforms mentioned above. This is due to its establishment as the gold standard among MUAs.

Over time, numerous other implant companies have adopted this same connection profile, enhancing the compatibility of the Nobel MUA with various systems. Through rigorous testing, we are pleased to confirm the compatibility with Elos Accurate products for Nobel MUA (our Analog for Printed Model products, hybrid bases, screws, and scan bodies), as well as with a range of other platforms.