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Pre-Milled Blanks

In house, in control, on time

In-house Printed Models require high quality analogs

In-house milling of customized abutments saves time and produces abutments with demonstrated clinical and aesthetic benefits. It also gives those performing the milling complete control over the process. All while meeting regulatory requirements thanks to our open, validated, FD-compliant workflows.


The details that make it different

Blanks in titanium grade 5, a stainless-steel holder, a blanks library in 3shape and exocad, compatibility with all major implant systems – the Elos Accurate® Pre-milled Blank Solution is a comprehensive, ready to use system.

Maximize your milling throughput

The Elos holder—mandatory for milling Elos Pre-Milled blanks—lets you mill up to six different blanks in a single operation. Made from durable, high-quality stainless-steel, the holder is compatible with imes icore (One+, 150i, 250i, 350i and 650i), Planmeca PlanMill® 60S and vhf (R5, S5, N4+, Z4) milling machines.

Available for major implant systems:

  • Nobel Replace
  • Nobel C.C.
  • Straumann Bone Level
  • Astra Tech
  • Astra Tech EV
  • Brånemark

More implant systems will come in Q1 2024 including Neodent, Hoissen, Biomet 3i certain and Zimmer Screw-vent etc.

Regulations and risk mitigation

In the US, the FDA classifies customer-specific milling as manufacturing a Class II medical device. Labs milling custom implant abutments with CAD/CAM technology must either commission a validated milling center (VMS) with a listing of the facility and devices, and implement a Quality Management System or use products with a 510(k) pre-market clearance and registration with a validated digital workflow.



The FDA-cleared Elos-validated workflow is essential for dental labs and clinics to produce customized abutments locally. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, helps produce restorations that meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, and reduces the lab’s risk of liability issues.

Elos Digital SMART Flow paves the way!

Enter the workflow with the Elos Accurate IO Scan Body. All types of prosthetic choices are kept open:

✓ Customized bridges and bars in one piece
✓ Customized single abutments
✓ Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Engaging constructions
✓ Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging constructions