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Torque Wrench

One of the most used dental instruments in the world

torque wrench - bits

Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body

The ElosTorque Wrench Kit is one of the most widely used dental instruments in the world. It is utilized for measuring the correct torque value when installing permanent prosthetic constructions. It comes with a connecting part with an RA connection.

The kit can also be used with components from other systems with the ISO 1797 connection. Always use the torque value that is recommended by the implant manufacturer. Explore more

Unclean and unsterile surgical instruments put patients at risk

Torque wrenches are indispensable tools during implant surgery or restoration. MDR (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) addresses the cleaning risk factor, regulating medical devices in European Union countries. In the future, all torque wrenches must comply with the MDR requirements regarding safe cleaning, disinfection, and/or re-sterilization.

Time pressure while ensuring patient safety can be challenging. And really, how do we prefer to prioritize our time? Most dental assistants would rather spend more time on patient care – and less on dismantling, cleaning and assembling tools.

Torque Wrench Leaflet

“I save up to 80% of my cleaning time by using a torque wrench with a maximum of 3 parts. I have a much better feeling of the safety for patients and cleaning procedure that follows the IFU´s – compared to cleaning a tool consisting of up to 10 parts where the risk of making a mistake is much higher.”

Carolin Gustavsson, Surgical Nurse, Special Clinic for Oral Surgery, Mölndal Hospital, Sweden

A two-part design solution –  quick and easy to assemble and clean.

Clear laser marking for safe reading.

torque wrench - bits

What is your next move to simplify surgery tasks?

Accuracy during application and compatibility of tools to most common implant systems, as well as a simple cleaning process, truly add value. It is a matter of trust. Correct torque during surgery is critical.

Elos Torque Wrench Kit

One of the most used dental instruments in the world

Proven accuracy thanks to the individually calibrated process during manufacturing. Compatible with many leading implant systems.


“Partnering with ELOS gives us access to multiple solutions. The ELOS torque wrench provides our customers with a proven and reliable design for both surgical and restorative purposes. The two-piece design makes it easy to maintain and simplifies the sterilization process for customers.”

Stuart Nicholson, Senior Director of Implant Product Marketing, BioHorizons