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Digital SMART Flow

The key to a digital workflow

Digital SMART Flow

Elos Accurate® Digital SMART Flow is an open, end-to-end digital workflow solution that covers the entire process from initial scan to final restoration. It offers dental professionals with a seamless, reliable and validated workflow across the three core phases of digital dentistry – SCAN, DESIGN, and MANUFACTURING.


For the SCAN phase, Elos provides the IO Scan Body which serves as the gateway to the digital process. The scan body is compatible with all major intraoral scanners, allowing dental professionals to begin the digital workflow directly from the patient’s mouth in a seamless and predictable manner.



In the DESIGN phase, Elos Accurate offers specialized CAD libraries that integrate directly into leading software like 3Shape and exocad.These libraries serve as the crucial link between CAD software and implant components, simplifying the workflow by providing accurate representations of physical parts.

Our libraries offer all the necessary tools at your disposal, empowering you to create outstanding dental restorations.


For the MANUFACTURING phase, Elos offers a complete portfolio of components including Hybrid Bases Engaged and Non-engaged (HBE/HBN), Analogs for Printed Models (PMA) and Pre-Milled Blanks (PMB). This open ecosystem allows dental professionals the flexibility to choose their preferred in-house or outsourced production approach, streamlining the overall workflow.


Elos Digital SMART Flow 

The openness and simplicity of the Digital SMART Flow are the key benefits for dental proactitioners.

Users can start with either digital or conventional impressions, design in their preferred CAD software, and then choose to outsource or manufacture restorations in-house by using their favourite CAM software and milling machine.

All components are compatible across major implant systems, further enhancing the seamless and responsible experience for dental practitioners.