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Ganter Ratchet

Torque ratchets – The perfect fit

Ganter ratchets are manufactured from robust, abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant material and feature an impressive aesthetic design and excellent functionality.

Furthermore, they are easy to clean and simple to handle. The ratchets can be ergonomically adjusted to individual requirements and are compatible with the various instruments and tools. The ratchets are available with and without torque function, with and without bending arm attachment, and even in one piece.

Josef_Ganter_One_piece_ratchet_70 NM

Single-piece torque ratchets

The single-piece torque ratchet is an innovation from Josef Ganter. Since it does not need to be taken apart to be cleaned, this means a considerable saving of time for preparation in practice.

It impresses with its proven high quality, a torque range of 10 to 70 Ncm and reliable functionality accompanied by an aesthetic design. The torque ratchet is available with an individualised customer logo and also with gold coating.

Torque ratchets with bending arm

Three variants of torque ratchets with bending arm with different tool connections are available. They consist of just two individual parts and can therefore be dismantled for preparation in just a few seconds.

Composing_ratchets_4 (1)

Torque ratchets without
bending arm

The torque ratchets without bending arm offer outstanding user friendliness, as the torque can be adjusted before the intervention on the patient. If the torque is achieved during the intervention, a clicking noise can be heard and the effort decreases abruptly. In addition to the opportunity to set a specific torque, the ratchet possesses a blocking function allowing it to transfer larger torques.

The large, outlying spring keeps the spring force constant for a long time and does not change.

Ratchets without torque function

The ratchets without torque function are available in a total length of 54 mm, 71 mm or 90 mm and each offer three different tool connections. They consist of just two individual parts and can therefore be dismantled for preparation in a few seconds.


Ratchets without torque function with optional bending arm attachment

The ratchets without torque function with optional bending arm attachment can be used without a torque display or expanded into a ratchet with a torque display function within just a few second by connecting the bending arm attachment. There are four different models available with different tool connections. Each of these can currently be combined with five different bending arm attachments with a different torque range.

Download Ganter ratchet catalog for more information, please use this link:

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