Over the years, we have gained a high level of in-depth understanding and expertise in contract manufacturing. All this knowledge and experience, we now use to meet the varying requirements of our customers as a true solution provider. In this blog article, I will describe our total commitment of taking responsibility in the unbroken chain from design and manufacturing to packaging, distribution and logistics. I will also explain how Elos Medtech’s core values actually benefit you as customer.

Communication plus collaboration equal successful partnerships

At Elos Medtech, our main offer and total commitment is called Complete Performance™.  We believe that a mutually productive and valuable partnership is based on communication and collaboration across multiple functions. Our way of working is based on a thorough understanding of your challenges, faster response to your changing demands and better contribution to your success. We have the capability to follow you as customer to new geographical markets with the aim to support your business.

Working closely in the development and design phase is key to success

We work closely with our customers, especially in the development and design phase. This collaboration is key to ensuring successful design adaptations and achieving optimal performance and cost effectiveness by design-for-manufacturing. Working together with our customers, we help to make the right choice of manufacturing materials, processes and production technologies for increased efficiency. As different projects have different design and manufacturing requirements, we allow ourselves to be flexible throughout the process.

Allowing you to focus on your core business, we take care of the rest

We are innovative experts in our chosen fields, fully committed to offer tailored, integrated solutions, which generate savings and improve efficiency. Within the dental and orthopaedic field we can offer you OEM-solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business.

A passionate, trustworthy and result oriented development and production partner

At Elos Medtech, we believe in passion, trustworthiness and results orientation. But what does that actually mean to our customers?

You will be satisfied with our job and the way we perform it

We consider ourselves being committed, determined and dedicated. Being all that, is part of having a positive attitude. It is our positive attitude that drives our development forward and helps us find solutions for our customers. If we can be passionate, and believe that cooperation and solidarity are important, you as our customer, will feel satisfied with our job and the way we perform it.

You will cooperate with a trustworthy solution partner that does things by the book

We like to think of ourselves as being open and honest. To us, openness and honesty mean taking responsibility for our actions, as well as products, and keeping our promises. We are committed to high ethical, moral, professional, and legal standards. These standards are an integral part of our corporate values and culture, which promotes an environment of integrity and accountability. The result? Applying this in our daily work permits us to be an honest and trustworthy business partner to you, as well as employer, and a good corporate citizen.

You will benefit from our ambitious yet achievable targets

We believe it is by taking the initiative and wanting to win, that we can achieve the targets that create value for our customers. We want our targets to be ambitious yet achievable, as well as firmly established internally and with our customers. Cooperation and participation are extremely important – and what makes it possible for us to create value for you.

I hope you have gained some relevant information from my blog article. Perhaps you have learned some things about our way of working and our values. Above all, I hope you liked our video! If you did, please let us know by sharing in social media!