Current market trends place higher demands on customers’ internal organisations. More innovative solutions, higher pressure on time-to-market, higher regulatory requirements and an increasing number of product articles – these are challenges that medtech companies meet every day. It has brought out a much more collaborative process.

How we can help you as a solution partner in the medical field
We experience that new customers approach us and ask for help with the design and development of specific products. As a solution partner in the medical field, this is how we can help you out:

Meeting the demands of medical technology products
We are engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical devices such as dental implants, trauma and spine products, diabetes delivery systems, hearing aids and cardiovascular devices. These are products and components that require a high level of quality, safety and precision.

A strategic development and production partner with a complete offer
We operate with specific medtech experience and competence, providing turnkey solutions based on uncompromised quality for some of the world’s most prominent players in the medical device sphere. Our Complete Performance™ offering entails an unbroken chain from design to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and logistics throughout the lifecycle of your products.

Sharing our expertise and know-how in the medical technology field
The added value for our customers is new business possibilities based on our deep expertise and total commitment. Our customers gain instant access to our rich engineering heritage and expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facilities, and all the other tools and resources that we are known for.

Keeping an open dialogue and discussing every possible solution
We are known for effective customer communication skills – discussing new opportunities and improvements, and enjoying joint success. This approach is due to a deep understanding of specific markets and their regulatory requirements.

A leading solution partner for companies wishing to expand on a global basis
Having extensive experience of product development and design of i.e. dental, spine and trauma products, we are seen as a leading partner for any company wishing to expand in these areas on a global basis. We are traditionally concerned with the development of other companies’ products but, to meet the trends in the medical technology business at large, we have recently introduced own product complementing our customers’ product ranges.

Over 50 years of experience in injection moulding, turning and surface treatments
We have extensive experience in injection moulding of plastic products, as well as turning, milling and welding of titanium, stainless steel, PEEK and zirconia used in medicine and biotechnology. We master various kinds of surface treatments such as zirconium blasting and acid etching.

Believing in trust-based and long-term relationships
Our goal is to build trust-based, long-term relationships. A trusting partnership proves its value in times of unforeseen events, where understanding, flexibility and reliability are essential.

Providing direct distribution in key markets
Over several decades, we have expanded from a small manufacturing facility in Sweden to a company with facilities in several countries world-wide. This enables us to provide direct distribution in key markets.

Passionate staff contributes to our customer’s success
Our significant advantage is the passion of our experienced staff along the value chain which enables to contribute to our customers’ success.

Would you like to know more about us as a solution partner? Please read Our Way of Working and find out more about Elos Medtech Complete Performance™. If you have any questions you are – as always – welcome to contact us!