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Celebrating Women in Science: Sarah Aebischer’s Journey at Elos Medtech

At Elos Medtech, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women driving our success and innovation in the healthcare sector. Today, we celebrate Sarah Aebischer, our dedicated Quality Assurance Manager in Aarberg, Switzerland

As part of a nimble five-person quality assurance team, Sarah’s day-to-day involves addressing customer feedback, managing document changes, and safeguarding product quality. Her days are far from monotonous, and it’s this diverse nature of her tasks that keeps her role exciting and impactful. 

 Name: Sara Aebischer 

Location: Aarberg, Switzerland 

Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager 

Years with Elos: 17 

Professional Highlights 

Sarah’s journey with Elos Medtech began in 2007 at Ruetschi Technology, where she masterfully navigated through diverse roles before making her mark in Quality Assurance. But for Sarah, her career highlight isn’t just related to her promotions – it’s the tangible improvements in her work and the ability to successfully tackle challenging cases that bring her the most satisfaction. For Sarah, every resolved case is a sign of progress and achievement. As she looks ahead, she is committed to constant growth, both in her personal life and career. 

What drew Sarah into the science and technology sector? A mix of professional inspiration and personal fascination 

The technical world has always intrigued Sarah, a fascination kindled by childhood visits to her father’s machine shop. This early exposure to the wonders of metal products laid the groundwork for her future in science and technology. Years later, a former manager played a fundamental role in her career direction, sparking her interest in the intricate art of technical excellence and quality management. 

Evolving Goals and Continuous Improvement 

If you had asked Sarah 10 years ago about her career goals, she’d say she’s already there. Yet, her ambition doesn’t stop at reaching professional milestones; it’s about getting better every day, embracing continuous improvement as her career philosophy 

Thriving in a Traditionally Male-Perceived Industry 

Sarah’s career in medical technology is marked not by the fact that she’s a woman, but by her unique skill and valuable contributions. At Elos Medtech, it’s expertise that paves the way to success, transcending gender. We’re dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that champions the involvement of women in technology and science, ensuring that our team reflects the diversity and strength of the broader community. 

Empowering Advice to Aspiring Young Scientists 

Sarah’s incredible journey from waitress to quality assurance specialist illustrates that backgrounds do not confine us. Her message to young girls is clear: Don’t let past experiences limit your future. Chase your goals with determination and an open heart! 

A Peek Behind the Curtains 

Away from the precision of quality assurance, Sarah unwinds with passions that paint a vibrant picture of her personality. Whether it’s experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, challenging herself with functional fitness, or exploring new cities and their cuisine, Sarah finds joy in the diversity of life’s experiences. Her artistic side flourishes through photography capturing moments that tell stories beyond words. 

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