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Will we see you at AAOS 2023?

Imagine comparing products, attending demonstrations, and discussing trends with over 30 000 professionals representing the world of orthopedics. That’s music to our ears! This year, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) is hosting their Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

Of course, Elos Medtech will be there. This year we celebrate 100 years in the industry 
- come and celebrate with us in booth 6239!

Our focus is your competitive advantage!

This year’s Annual Meeting will be held 7-11 March, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Elos Medtech will exhibit to showcase our orthopedic manufacturing capabilities: Point/Flute Grinding, Turning and Milling, Complex Geometries, Electropolishing and, Passivation, Multi-Part Assemblies, Finished Packaging, Injection Molding, as well as Laser Etching.

With a global network of manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, and the US, we have the capacity and expertise to meet your manufacturing needs.

Specialized experts with global reach

Today’s Elos Medtech Orthopedics is the result of two trusted companies coming together to become the world’s most focused development and advanced manufacturing partner. You have a committed global orthopedic team that leverages worldwide and vertically integrated capabilities to serve you.

If it’s not 100% yes – it’s a no!

Elos Medtech Orthopedics has chosen to focus only on what we do better than anyone else. As your trusted innovation partner, when we say, “yes,” it’s because your needs intersect with our dedicated competencies, and we’re confident that we can give you a competitive edge – from design and prototyping through manufactured quality on a large scale, distributed globally.

Experienced partner in trauma, spine, and reconstruction

Your trusted expert for orthopedic manufacturing now celebrates 100 years of innovation and collaboration.

The success of Elos Medtech starts with our people, experts in their respective fields, who listen to your needs and systematically apply our knowledge to develop creative solutions that keep your business successful today and tomorrow. We value a close dialogue with our customers and partners as well as keeping up to date with news and trends in the world of orthopedics. Therefore, we can’t think of a better place to spend a couple of days than at the AAOS 2023 Annual Meeting.

Are you as passionate about orthopedics as we are? Great! Then come and see us in booth 6239 at AAOS in Las Vegas 8-10 Mars, 2023. Until then, visit our website for more information about our products and solutions within orthopedics.