The use of robots in orthopedic surgery is an emerging field that has steadily gained momentum over the past few years. As a result, we are experiencing an increased demand for orthopedic products for robotic surgery. But why has robotic surgery become a growth engine in the orthopedic market? And what should you consider when looking into a development and manufacturing partner for your orthopedic products?

Robotic surgery allows for the most complex procedures

During robotic or robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon uses computer technology to direct the movements of a robotic arm with small instruments attached to it while looking at a 3D image of the patient’s intricate anatomy on a large screen. The precise movements of the robotic arm allow surgeons to perform the most complex procedures with more control, accuracy, and flexibility compared to conventional techniques.

The benefits of robot-assisted orthopedic surgery

Robotic surgery can support surgeons with advanced targeting, visualization, and task execution with precision beyond human skills. It provides a high level of repeatability with reproducible results eliminating variations in surgical outcomes.

Robotic surgery can be used to cut bone, help position implants, as well as guide the surgeons for positioning instruments more precisely. It is ideal for total joint replacement, such as hip and knee, as the bone can be treated as a fixed object.

According to the Medical Device Network, the number of robotic-assisted knee reconstruction surgeries is expected to reach approximately 700.000 globally by 2030 with a CAG of 8% from 2021 to 2030.

One of the main benefits of robot-assisted orthopedic surgery is the high level of precision when reducing long bone fractures or correcting spinal deformity. In spine surgery, the surgical guidance system helps surgeons provide a minimally invasive incision and insert the orthopedics implants more precisely in the case of multiple fractures. Surgeons at Yale New Haven Hospital were early adopters of robotics in the operation room and will add a new robot for spinal surgery this year.

In orthopedic trauma, robots are used for assistance in closed fracture reduction and reconstruction. Other benefits in fracture care include precise guiding of the implant, inserting, and manipulation of the screws and bolts.

Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery greatly benefits patients

Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery also offers many benefits to the patient. Minimally-invasive surgery means smaller incisions resulting in less scarring on the body and reduced risk of infection. This also has the effect of reducing blood loss, pain, and discomfort post-surgery. The recovery time is generally faster, and patients are often discharged on the same day, depending on the procedure.

High demand for orthopedic products for robotic surgery

Robotic surgery has demonstrated its potential and significance. It is replacing conventional techniques and has the potential to transform the way orthopedic procedures are done in the future. As robotic technology brings surgery into the digital age, the demand for orthopedic products continues to increase.

According to Orthopedic Surgical Robots Market Outlook 2028 by Strategic Market Research, the market is expected to reach USD 4489 million in 2028 and robotic-assisted surgery is estimated to be the most trending technology in the future. The technology comprises a colossal potential in standardizing surgical procedures and enabling minimal invasive surgery, technique thereby ushering in a new era of growth.

Are you looking to outsource your orthopedic products?

Today, many companies focus on outsourcing as a competitive strategy. When looking into a development and manufacturing partner for your orthopedic products, there are many things you should consider: Are they a trusted partner in the industry? Do they understand your market? Are they willing to invest? Do they have the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities required for developing and manufacturing your specific products?

Choosing a CDMO is one of the most important decisions you can make for influencing the future success of your products, and, therefore, you should always look into different options. Here are some of the reasons why other orthopedic companies have chosen to collaborate with us.

A leading global development and manufacturing partner

Our commitment to the orthopedic market has made us a global development and manufacturing leader for medical devices and components. Our specialization is one of the reasons why many of the world’s leading companies choose to collaborate with us along with our high-quality standards. We operate from facilities in Europe, China, and the US, and our customer base comprises international medical technology companies.

A strong product offering in orthopedics

In recent years, we have developed a strong product offering in orthopedics through specialization and investments in our core competencies. During the previous year, the expansion of our production site in Memphis, USA, was completed as part of our strategic growth plan. Our focused investments and dedicated work have contributed to an increased interest from global leading orthopedic companies.

Investing in our orthopedic business area

To meet increased customer demand in 2022, we will continue to invest in our orthopedic business area. Within a few years, we expect about half of our sales within orthopedics will be products for robotic surgery. This requires investments in machinery, personnel, and other equipment, primarily in the US site, over a three-year period which we now plan for.

Demonstrated expertise in orthopedic products for robotic surgery 

Orthopedic products for robotic surgery is an area of the market where we are well established with several customers. We have demonstrated expertise in this key market, long-term specialization in selected products, and close partnerships with our customers.

In-depth experience in other markets and medical technologies

Our ability to share expertise and capabilities across our centers increases the ways we can add value to our customers’ projects and business. In the Elos Medtech Group, we have in-depth experience in other markets and medical technologies, including hearing devices and cardiovascular, neurosurgical, and oncology treatments as well as delivery systems.

Robotic surgery is a fascinating area and we are really excited to see this market trend continue to develop. Would you like to know more about our orthopedic offering? Visit our website.