Exciting news! On October 16 we opened the doors to our expanded Elos Medtech Onyx US production site. By doubling our manufacturing space, we significantly increase our capacity to support our customers in the global orthopedic market.

Global focus to meet global market demand

Today, orthopedic companies want a development and manufacturing partner with technical expertise, high capacity, and a global presence. As our orthopedic customers serve the global market, we must meet global market demands.

Our increased global focus has provided us with new opportunities to meet customers’ needs. Over the past few years, we have experienced an increased demand for drills, pins, wires and screws in both traditional trauma and robotically enabled surgery.

Our goal is to keep pace effectively for present customers as well as meet the demand from new customers. This is why we have now significantly expanded our US production site.

But before we go into detail about the expansion, let us take a quick look back at history.

Serving the orthopedic industry for more than 25 years

For more than 25 years, Elos Medtech has been committed to serving the orthopedic industry. Since our founding, we have specialized in the orthopedic market with a focus on trauma, spine, and reconstruction.

Over the past few years, we have made significant investments in our orthopedic business segment. Four years ago, we acquired US-based Onyx Medical as a way to strengthen our commitment to the global orthopedic market. A lot has happened since then.

Merged into one: Elos Medtech Onyx

Today, Onyx Medical and Elos Medtech are merged into one: Elos Medtech Onyx. Based on our joint expertise and knowledge, we provide a strong global offering: Elos Medtech Orthopedics.

Elos Medtech Orthopedics is built to bring collaborative synergy and efficiency to all stages of the product journey. It is the result of two trusted companies coming together to become a focused, advanced, and creative orthopedic development and manufacturing partner.

We have a committed global orthopedic team that leverages our capabilities in the US, Europe, and China offering Complete Performance and vertical integration to leading medical companies around the world.

Expansion Celebration of Elos Medtech Onyx US production site

Nearly doubling our manufacturing space in the US

Now, let us get back to the expansion of our US production site.

The Elos Medtech Onyx production site has been expanded several times before. Because of increasing customer demand, it was once again necessary to add space and make new investments.

Our current 52 000 square-foot manufacturing facility has therefore been expanded with another 27 000 square feet. We have also invested heavily in new equipment as well as employees. By nearly doubling our manufacturing space we will have the opportunity to significantly increase our capacity to support our customers in the global orthopedic market.

Specializing in drills, pins, wires and screws

In our US production site, we manufacture drills and specialty cutting instruments along with bone pins, wires and screws for fixation, nailing and navigation.

Globally, we have the ability to handle difficult geometries and advanced surface treatments, and our metal and plastic capabilities are rare in the orthopedic market. We provide tailor-made solutions from engineering and design to complete finishing such as electropolishing, passivation, etching, inking, custom packaging and inventory management.

We are very excited about the expansion and look forward to continuing to passionately contribute to our customers’ success. If you have any questions about our expansion, please contact me directly or visit Elos Medtech’s website.