As a global CDMO partner, we operate in many locations across the world and our employees represent a variety of cultures with diverse backgrounds. With this comes great responsibility – both locally and globally. We strive to contribute to the communities we are active in and aim to minimize the negative environmental impact of our business throughout our products’ entire life cycles.

Ethics and compliance in the medtech industry

Commitment to the company’s responsibilities is a prerequisite for business success. Elos Medtech is committed to operating our business to the highest ethical, professional, and legal standards. The quality management system (QMS) at Elos Medtech, which is based on our Quality Manual and Quality Policy, complies with the standards and regulations for medical devices. Our business centers are annually audited by our notified body to make sure all standards are being followed in everything that we do.

Reducing our negative impact on the environment

Environmental aspects such as energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste management are something we take very seriously. Our environmental management work is based on our environmental policy, environmental objectives and the fulfillment of regional environmental protection legislation. Four of our five subsidiaries have a certified environmental management system conforming to the international standard ISO 14001. The aim is to have the most recently acquired subsidiary included in the certification before the end of 2019.    

Decreasing our energy consumption according to the EU directives

Reducing the climate impact of our operations is a long-term commitment. We have initiated the work with systematic data collection and analysis of our energy consumption. In addition, we are mapping what types of energy and electricity sources are being used in our business units to identify improvement areas, according to the EU directives. Most of our energy consumption comes from our use of production equipment, lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, transport, computers, and servers. We mainly use indirect energy in the form of electricity (80 percent) and district heating (20 percent). A couple of the sites also use natural gas.

Waste management and recycling throughout our production chain

Elos Medtech’s aim is to minimize the production waste as much as possible. Part of the waste is scrap, which is material that has been rejected somewhere in the production process. The generated waste is recycled if possible. All core raw materials such as metals and plastics are also sorted for recycling. Other non-hazardous waste that is recycled is cardboard, paper, and wood and plastics used for storage and transportation purposes. We are always looking to improve internal solutions to recycle also supporting production materials, such as oil and water.

Elos Medtech’s Environmental Policy

Elos Medtech believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and we encourage our business partners to join us in this effort. Elos Medtech recognizes our key impacts related to waste generation, emissions affecting air and water, transport, as well as the consumption of energy, raw materials, and water. We strive to:

  • Meet and exceed all applicable environmental legislative requirements
  • Minimize waste through careful and efficient consumption of all materials and energy
  • Measure our business operations’ impact on the environment and set targets for continuous improvement
  • Train employees in good environmental practice and encourage employee involvement in environmental action


This was the third and last article in our article series about Elos Medtech’s three focus areas on our sustainability agenda. Don’t forget to read Part 1: Care for Our Business – providing our customers with sustainable solutions and Part 2: Care for Our People – providing our employees with the tools needed to feel passionate and proud of their work. Also, visit us on our website and social media channels for more information about Elos Medtech and how we work.